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I am a contractor. I did not get paid for my work and want to file a Mechanic’s Lien. How much time do I have to file the Lien?
I did construction work and supplied building materials to a general contractor on a school renovation project and I am owed a lot of money. The general contractor has filed for bankruptcy and is going out of business. How am I going to get paid or do I have to write off the bill?
I have been waiting a long time to get paid but the general contractor says that I must wait until it gets paid and cannot file a mechanic’s lien. Is this true?
I am very concerned that some of my employees may sue me for the underpayment of wages. I am also worried that my subcontractors’ employees did not get paid and may sue me for unpaid wages. Can they do this?
What is a collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”) and should I sign one?
I have a serious construction or labor law question and need sound practical advice from an attorney that is experienced in this area. Who do I call?