Our Focus

At Rabinowitz and Galina, we keep our focus on the legal issues that are crucial for the Contractor (our client) in the New York metro area.

Whether it is a public or private construction project, today's building environment presents numerous unique and challenging issues.

It usually starts even before you submit your bid when you must worry about pre-qualification status, contract duration and subcontractor retention requirements and what else might be lurking in the general conditions of the contract.

As any experienced contractor knows, getting the contract is just the beginning. To be successful, you must be ready to confront issues such as scheduling change order requests and a variety of labor law issues.

General Counsel Approach

Our firm would guide you through qualification and Vendex issues; union CBA and PLA issues. Maintenance and significance of payroll records and sign-out logs. Documentation of Change Orders Records and importance of Notice Provisions. Significance of sub-contractors' compliance and secondary liability.

The Contract

Whether we are drafting an agreement or giving advice about the complex provisions of a multi-contractor public construction project; our firm has the critical experience to guide you from contract signing through a claim process in a practical and cost effective manner.